Creating a circle of positivity

Points to Ponder: December 9, 2017
Today we shall understand the formula to hold an elevated thought until it colours my personality. The world at this time abounds in negative and wasteful thoughts. Most of the thoughts and conversations that surround us are about people and situations that are not in our control. Thoughts based on criticism, hate, fear abound. A culture of blame and competition prevails. First we shall understand why we create so many negative thoughts despite understanding their effect on our mind, body and relationships. It is for the simple reason that negative thoughts present themselves as right thoughts. Right and wrong is a factor of conventional morality. For example, calling a bad person bad is considered good. Hating the hateful is considered to be our moral duty towards society. The prevalent conventional moral code has been devised by human beings at various points in time and this moral code is partly responsible for our decline.
In this world full of apparently righteous negativity, let me just choose an elevated thought. Have you ever wondered how a bicycle remains stable on a vertical plane? It stays on the vertical plane as long as its wheels are in constant unidirectional circular motion. The moment the wheels stop, the bicycle falls. Similarly, to remain stable in positivity, we need to create a momentum of circular positive thinking. For example, let us take a thought, I am a soul. Just have it rotated in your mind thoroughly. I am a soul. I am a point of light separate from the body. I am the child of God. I am made in the image of God. My qualities correspond to that of God. I am peaceful and pure in nature. I have the choice to create peaceful thoughts despite my surroundings. I am a peaceful soul. While I do this, remember that the mind feels what the intellect sees. So, I have to visualise each thought as my mind creates and feels it. Tomorrow we will understand visualisation.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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