Understanding The Third Eye

Points to Ponder: December 10, 2017
Today we shall understand how visualisation is an integral part of meditation. First let us understand that our eyes are our window to the outer world. We perceive what is on the outside through our eyes. There are two kinds of cells in our eyes. One that see form and another that see colour. When they work together, you see an image. Our inner world is analogous to our outer world. In our inner world there is something called the mind and something called the intellect. The power of understanding a phenomenon rests with the intellect. Understanding is seeing. The intellect is able to create an image for something that it understands. The subtleties of any phenomenon are captured in form by the intellect and it is therefore that the intellect can discern the nuances of something as subtle as music. The more refined the intellect, the more power to perceive that which is not gross. It is therefore that we use the terms stone headed and divine intellects. 
The mind has the power to feel what the intellect understands. The mind has the power to defy time and space. The mind can go into the past and wander into distant lands while the body stays where it is. The mind has the power to feel cold in a warm atmosphere or vice versa. The mind is the creator of thoughts and feelings. It is when the mind and intellect are together that an idea is realised. Meditation is about stabilising our inner world in ideas based on truth and experiencing them despite continuing to operate in his world of uncertainties. Tomorrow we shall understand it further. 
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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