Emerging the original me

Points to Ponder: December 11, 2017

Yesterday we understood the great power of the mind to defy time and space. Today let us try to understand the soul. I am a soul. I am sitting in the center of the forehead between the body and the brain. I receive the information coming from my senses and send it to the brain for processing. I have a mind, intellect and  personality. My susceptibility to whatever my senses are perceiving is dependent on the quality of my faculties, i.e the mind, intellect and personality, For example, if my mind is peaceful and mindful, my intellect pure and my personality divine, my interpretation of the outer world is inclusive, loveful and one that gives me a bright view of the world. It is my quality, the quality of my being that determines whether I am an optimist or a pessimist, a devil or a deity, whether I complain or cooperate. My verdict about the magnitude and nature of a situation depends on the quality of my mind, intellect and personality.

I am who I am right now depending on my journey as a soul. As a soul, I have been around on this stage of the world for quite sometime now. The present state of my mind, intellect and personality is a depleted state. My original state used to be a pure state. In that state, I was completely pure, peaceful, lovelful, blissful and powerful. Let me go down my memory lane and focus on my original state. Let me consider the time when I, the soul was replete with purity, peace, love, bliss and power. Let me focus my attention on my inner and outer world at that point in time. Let me visualise how the world appeared to me in such a perfect state. Let me visualise how I conducted myself in such awareness. Let me envision the pure me in action. As I do this, I emerge the latent remains of that time in me. My core qualities of goodness that are lying buried in the recesses of my consciousness start to reappear. Hold this awareness for as long as you can at the break of the day.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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