You cannot not think about a green apple

Points to Ponder: December 13, 2017

We have been understanding the inner world. We have arrived at 3 main findings:
1) Our inner world does not understand language. You cannot not think about a green apple. So the language of self affirmation is very important. You dont say “I dont want to be angry” nor do you say “I am not angry” nor do you say “I want to be peaceful” but you say to yourself “I am peaceful”.
2) Our mind and intellect have to work together for us to realise an idea. The intellect creates the image of whatever is instructed and the mind feels it. So, I can feel peaceful only if I have an image of peace. The intellect has to focus on the image and the mind has to feel the peace. 
3) The brain cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. So the laboratory of the inner world can be very well utilised to change a thought into a personality trait.
Let me sit in awareness and take my focus of attention to the small space in the center of the forehead. There, I am aware of a small point of light. This is me. I am a star made of light. I am peaceful. Peace in the form of soothing white rays is emanating from me and radiating into every part of the brain and body. I keep my attention focused on the fountain of peace that I am while my whole body becomes light. As I move through the day, meeting people and dealing with situations, I remain anchored in self awareness. Peace contained in me flows into my vision, my hearing, my speech and my action. I see, hear, move and talk in peace. 
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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