God is not a means but an end

Points to Ponder: December 14, 2017
Today we shall reflect on whether God is a means or an end. We have been singing praises and hymns for God, praying to Him and worshiping Him in numerous forms since time immemorial. We say that we have great reverence and love for God. However, an honest assessment would quickly tell us that all this while, we have only been venerating Him more out of fear and selfish concerns. We have traditionally seen God more as a means for fulfilling our material and other needs rather than someone who we belong to. God has been addressed as the Supreme Father and I, the soul am His child. Today, let me ask myself very deeply whether I am interested in God for who He is or am I only interested in how God can benefit me? This question is of utmost importance as God Himself is offering His company to us at this point of time. This is the most auspicious time in all of eternity when I just have to spend a few moments in silence and acknowledge God’s presence to find the proof that He is here right now. But rather than thanking God for this opportunity to meet Him, be with Him, get nurtured by Him and relish His company, we keep asking Him for mundane benefits. This position is very similar to that of a beggar who is suddenly made the heir of great riches. He is not able to reconsider his earlier identity and come to terms with the fact that everything is available to him at his command. He is not able to take the commanding position because he has always made demands.
Similarly, the realisation of being the child of the Supreme father is the biggest self honour that we could have. A realised soul is content and rejoicing in the consciousness that God, my Supreme father Himself belongs to me. Such a soul is in a state of very high self esteem. It is said that a tree laden with fruits bows down and similarly, such a soul resonates with a vibration of great authority matched with an equal measure of humility.  Everything and everyone love to be commanded by them.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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