A soul has to completely surrender his ego to accept God as his Supreme Teacher

Points to Ponder: December 15, 2017

Yesterday we discussed that being with God is the greatest accomplishment for a soul. Belonging to God, having God as your companion, is the biggest attainment that a soul should aspire for. Today we shall understand why it is so? God is the Supreme Soul. He is a discarnate soul. He is a point of spiritual energy just like me , the only difference being that I am a soul with a body and He is a soul without a body. God is called the truth. He is a being of truth, an ocean of truth. He contains within Himself “The Truth”. “The Truth” is the key to the chains in which we souls are fettered right now. As opposed to truth, there are beliefs. Today the world is shacked by debilitating beliefs. Being with God enables the soul to know the truth. God has been famously called upon to take us from darkness to light. Knowledge is the light. God conveys the knowledge contained Him to us in a state of complete surrender. A soul has to completely surrender his ego for God to direct Him. In such a state, the soul accepts God as his Supreme Teacher and follows the dictates given by Him.

Let us take an example to illustrate the above. God says that every soul is unique. Every soul has a unique vibration, thought and expression. Bad actions(actions based on lust, anger, greed, fear, envy etc.) are the result of weakness in the soul. When a soul loses its power of peace, love, purity and bliss, it operates from jealousy, anger, ego etc. So souls are not bad but weak. We may shun the bad but the weak has to be extended compassion, love and support. If somebody is rude to us, it is because of his lack of the capacity to be respectful. We need to support such a soul with the power of good wishes and pure feelings to empower him. Tomorrow we will explore more on this.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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