Pain is a signal that tells us that something needs to be changed

Points to Ponder: December 16, 2017

Yesterday we saw that the truth is every soul is unique. Each of us has a unique vibration, thought and expression. A soul is an energy. When an energy comes into motion, it dissipates. Souls take bodies and come into this cycle of birth and death. In the process, the energy of the soul which is peace, purity, love, bliss and power gets expended. The soul gets depleted or weak. This is almost the end of the cycle. The light of the soul has gone dim. Each of us are running on empty. Just like a cell phone signals when it is in low battery, pain is signalling us that something needs to be changed. Pain is a signal that tells us that something needs to be changed. For example, if you are continuously watching television, then the pain in your eyes will tell you that you need to stop doing that. Every pain indicates to us that its time to change. Every soul today is experiencing excruciating levels of pain both physical and emotional. This pain is telling us that if we continue doing what we have always done, then the stress, depression or physical pain will also only gradually worsen. 
So what is it that we need to shift? It is very simple. We just need to shift our consciousness from body consciousness to soul consciousness and our sense of belonging and accountability from people to God. To put it very simply, I have to shift from “I am a mere mortal, I belong to people and people belong to me”,  to “I am a pure, powerful soul, I belong to God and God belongs to me”. To experience the power of this shift just repeat this to yourself today several times, just say this mantra to yourself “I am a pure, powerful soul, I belong to God and God belongs to me” and just saying it will relieve you of half your stress. Tomorrow we will understand how to experience it.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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