Om Shanti – I am a being of peace

Points to Ponder: December 17, 2017

Yesterday we discussed the consciousness shift from “I am a mere mortal, I belong to people and people belong to me”, to “I am a pure, powerful soul, I belong to God and God belongs to me. Did you repeat it to yourself? Did you find it empowering? Today let us practice it with better understanding. I am an eternal, immortal soul. No one can kill me, no one can defeat me and no one can break my spirit. Situations will come and go. People will behave however they choose to. But I am aware of my powers. I am not susceptible to the external. 
God is my eternal companion. The ocean of love and power Himself is my companion. I am aware of who is with me. I am aware of who I belong to. There are only two truths in the world. I am a soul and I belong to God. All else is just a belief. I do not allow beliefs to blur my vision. I don’t allow my mind to interfere in this state of awareness. People have a right to be who they are. They are entitled to their opinion. I give them full permission to play their role the way they want. I am under the canopy of God’s love. Their behaviour is their prerogative. I do not stop them. But I don’t allow my mind to get upset. I draw my power from the Almighty and stay in His remembrance. I do what I need to do based on my awareness and understanding of my role. I do not do anything for anyone. I love because I am loveful. I work because I love to work. I do everything because it is in consonance with my essence. I do because I am.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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