Understanding Peace

Points to Ponder: December 18, 2017
In the English language, there are 3 words connected to peace. Stillness, silence and peace. Stillness can be defined as the absence of movement. It can be experienced both in the inner as well as the outer dimension. Just take a moment to be still. Keep your body still. Now, just ask all your thoughts to wait for sometime. Suspend them for sometime and relish the stillness. Silence is the absence of noise. Just close the doors and windows of your room and experience the silence in the room. There is silence. Similarly, just withdraw from your eyes and ears which are the windows of the mind and feel the silence within. Peace is the presence of incessant soothing waves of tranquility in the inner space. Just access your inner peace for a few seconds.Peace is a very great power of the soul.
Let us also look at these three as a value, a virtue and a power. As a value, peace is imposed as a discipline of observing silence in the class room, home or workplace. Observing silence and talking softly are the ways in which peace is imposed as a value since childhood. Peace as a virtue is our ability to calm our mind and think with clarity in a situation of upheaval. Peace as a power is a state where one is in such a state of inner tranquility that the other is also calmed down by his presence. Today peace is only present as a value. What we need to do is realize peace as a power if at all we have to function as the harbingers of peace. This requires first knowing oneself as a being of peace and as the child of the ocean of peace and then connecting with the ocean of peace.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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