Knowledge has to precede remembrance

Points to Ponder: December 19, 2017

Today we shall reflect on the remembrance of God. It is said that the remembrance of God relieves one of all their pain, miseries and woes. It is also said that you become like the one you remember. If I ask you whether you remember God, many people on earth would say yes. However, if I ask whether all your pain has been taken away by God, most people would say that it is not so. Let us understand why. This is because Knowledge has to precede remembrance. Can you remember someone without knowing him/her? No. But if you closely observe, we have been remembering God all this while without knowing Him/Her. The remembrance of God is not the same as the recitation of the name of God.

God is not just a name. God is a someone. God is the Supreme being. God is the Supreme soul. God is bodiless. The gender, caste, religion, nationality etc are factors of our body. God is genderless, casteless, religionless and nationalityless. God is the Ocean of knowledge, purity, peace, love, bliss and power. He(He is a pronoun used for convenience) is a point. A point does not have a length, breath or height. A point is the interface between what is and what is not. This is why God is referred to as formless. Because although God has a form of a point, a point is not measurable. So, the accurate remembrance of God means orienting our minds to the point source of knowledge, purity, peace, love, bliss and power and receiving the incessant flow of knowledge, purity, peace, love, bliss and power emerging from God. We need to hold this beautiful communion long enough in our awareness. This auspicious communion enables me to draw into my awareness the qualities of God and they start becoming a part of my awareness. Tomorrow we shall explore more on this.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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