God is the purifier

Points to Ponder: December 20, 2017

Yesterday we discussed that knowing God has to precede Remembering God. One cannot remember someone who he doesn’t know. It is because of our lack of acquaintance with God that we are not able to access His full import. God is a being of knowledge, purity, peace, love, bliss and power. Today we shall also understand that God is the purifier. An intense fire has the power to purify gold. When impure Gold is subjected to an intense burning furnace, it gets refined. Similarly, God is the purifier. The intensity of God’s love has the power to burn all self doubt, fear, criticism, worry and other weaknesses in the soul and raise it to a pure, confident and positive state. However, I, the soul, have to subject myself to God’s fire of love or shower of love.

Let me sit still and come to the awareness that I am a being of light sitting in the center of the forehead. With the power of the mind, I shift my awareness to the world beyond. In the beyond, there is a world of light and might. Waves of peace emanating from God, oscillate in the world of light. I situate myself in the world of light, close to God. I just allow the energy of God to fill me. I surrender my ego completely and let God take over. The light of God slowly displaces the dark in me. All my weaknesses, insufficiency and worries start to fade away. I feel free and light. I am in a state of bliss.


In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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