Noble intent and a steady mind can convert a simple word into a mantra

Points to Ponder: December 21, 2017

Today we shall understand and practice the mantra of Om Shanti. First we shall understand what a mantra is. A mantra is considered to be a powerful word. It is considered that the recitation of a mantra empowers the soul. But we have to reflect on the fact whether a word is powerful or is it my thought energy that makes it powerful? It is actually my thoughts and feelings invested in the utterance of the word and the intensity and duration for which we sustain that idea that makes it powerful. For example, take a simple word like Good Morning. Its such a beautiful way of greeting a new day. It is said that morning shows the day. I am actually laying the foundation of the rest of the day when I embrace the morning with a good and open attitude. While we keep wishing every other person Good Morning, just stop to see if I have wished myself a Good Morning. Also, pause to check whether every time you say Good Morning, do you actually mean it?
A mantra is powerful only when our thoughts, words and actions are in alignment. Today, let us just stop to check during the day whether while I speak and act, my thoughts are in alignment with my words and actions. For example, when I ask someone “How are you”? Do I really mean to know how the person is? Am I, at that point open to listen and care for his/her predicament? If I am, then a simple sentence like “How are you?” has the power to make the other person feel loved and cared. The word “Om” is actually composed on three alphabets “AUM” and they stand for action, utterance and mind. So the first thing to check is if my action, utterance and mind is in alignment. Also, Om Shanti means that my action , utterance and mind is peaceful. We will understand more on this tomorrow.


In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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