Happiness and sorrow are products of my karma

Points to Ponder: December 23, 2017

We saw that Om Shanti means that my action, utterance and mind are in alignment and that all three are peaceful. Today we shall understand how to practice this powerful mantra. Early in the morning, as I wake up, let me visualise myself in a state where all day, I just have peaceful thoughts, I create thoughts based on the belief in human goodness, thoughts based on the fact that I, and every other soul on the planet is innately pure. I strengthen my belief in the fact that the universe is designed to propel me on the path of evolution. I believe that the situations I encounter during my day are devised to elevate me to my higher self. When a traveler sets out on a journey, he fills his car tank and takes all the things he might require on the journey including the first aid box. Similarly, as I set out for a fresh day, I draw from God the virtues and powers that I might need during my day. I fill the urn of my intellect with the peace from God and plan to move through the day with this reservoir of peace. I see that all my thought, words and actions throughout the day are brimming with the energy of peace.


I understand that happiness and sorrow are products of my karma. Situations and bad behaviour from people might trigger my ego and anger. I, however, have to be so full of peace so as to only perform peaceful karma all day, come what may. My karma is my prerogative. No situation or behavior, however gross has the power to sweep me off my right to be peaceful. I stay aware of my spiritual birthright of being a peaceful soul.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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