We attract what we radiate

Points to Ponder: December 26, 2017

Let me tell you a story today. Long ago, there was an old lady who had two daughters. She married both of them off. One of her son in laws was a noodle maker and another an umbrella seller. The old lady kept crying all through the year. The reason being, when it rained, she thought about the noodle maker who would not be able to dry his noodles under the sun and when the sun shone, she worried about the umbrella seller whose umbrellas would not be sold. Then she met a wise man. She related her plight to him and pleaded with him to solve her problem. The wise man smiled and said just decide that you want to be happy and then its very simple. Think about the umbrella seller when it rains and about the noodle maker when the sun shines.
So isn’t it very simple? There will always be reasons to smile as well as reasons to be sad. It is up to us to make the choice. We may choose to be happy or we may choose to be sad. Happiness is a decision. It is a very conscious choice we make. We all say that we want to be happy but the choices we make about what to think, how to speak and how to act reflect our commitment to our pursuit of happiness. Happiness does not come from a state of external perfection because such a state does not exist in kalyug. Happiness comes from our ability to shift our attention to the gifts that we have received despite the myriad issues we might be facing. Happiness attracts well being. A small decision to be happy despite everything is the key to reversing the viscous circle of unhappiness. We attract what we radiate. Right now we are attracting what we are radiating. Just taking a small step to change what we are radiating has the power to change what we attract. Are we ready to make the choice?
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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