A deep secret of Karma

Points to Ponder: December 27, 2017

Yesterday I was in a situation where I was a part of a group pf six people where I knew four of them and with one I was unacquainted. There, we had a task of describing the specialties or good qualities of each one. And to my surprise, I discovered that describing the specialties of the one I was unacquainted with was easier than doing it for the ones I knew. I would request you also to engage in a mental exercise and find out if the same is true for you as well.  This set me thinking deeply about why is it so? Why is it difficult to see goodness in people who we know well?
This is because of a secret of karma. This universe brings you in connection with souls with whom you have unsettled karmic accounts. This universe is designed to place us in situations which are a product of our past karma. Based on our sanskars, which are also products of our past karma, we would encounter people and situations which would not be in consonance with our present sanskars. These people and situations would challenge us to change our sanskars and thereby help in the settlement of our past karma. For example, if I have performed acts of injustice in my past births, I would now have a sanskar of dominance. So, according to my past karma, I will be placed with people and situations which would be unjust to me and make me feel powerless and helpless. The situation would challenge me to become patient and build the capacity of endurance. I, however would not like it and find it difficult and thus hate those people and situations. However, they are just the instruments for settling my own karma and also the instruments to propel me to a place of spiritual worth and power where I am full of virtues and spiritual powers. It is therefore, very important to understand that when situations are favorable, we get happiness but when situations are unfavorable, we get power and both are priceless. So, we should acknowledge this secret and thank the people who become instrumental in that. We shall reflect more on this tomorrow.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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