Breaking the cycle of negative karma

Points to Ponder: December 28, 2017

Understanding the Karma philosophy is very important because when we are faced with old Karmic accounts, we tend to create new ones in the absence of proper knowledge of Karma and Karmic accounts. For example, when an old Karmic account comes up as an unfavourable situation or a difficult person, we tend to act under the influence of denial, irritation, anger, criticism, jealousy etc, all of which sow the seeds of further negative Karma and in this way the vicious cycle of negative Karma perpetuates. Today we shall also understand that we have only one mind and if I fill it with negative thoughts towards one situation or one person, then the capacity of that only mind to be peaceful or loveful is destroyed. A mind full of peacelessness and hateful thoughts for one cannot be in a position to create loveful thoughts for the other. It is therefore, very important that we sort our thoughts with the power of knowledge and arrive at a state where we create beautiful and positive thoughts that lead us to a beautiful destiny.

Let us take an example where my relationship with one of my family members is not good because of intricate past Karmic accounts. Now, if I allow thoughts about that relationship to colour my mind, then my mind is filled with negativity and then when I come in interaction with other family members I behave badly or rudely thus spoiling my relationship with others as well. Hence knowledge is a very powerful tool with which we can understand why our present is the way it is and take a clue as to how to create a future of our wish based on the knowledge of Universal spiritual laws.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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