The realization of my spiritual identity makes me peaceful.

Points to Ponder: December 30, 2017

We are all looking for peace. Sometimes we seek it through our visit to a temple or satsang, sometimes we take refuge in nature’s lap, sometimes we desperately look out for physical silence. At other times it is a certain idol or a certain person who gives us peace or a certain activity like lighting a diya or candle or incense. Let us understand why we depend on these external people or objects or phenomenon for an inner experience of peace. 
Our mind thinks by association. I, the soul have performed a long journey spread over many births. In my journey, I have experienced deep states of peace in the presence of certain people, places, things and activities. Although the experience was an internal one, our memory track carries impressions where these experiences and these people, places, things and activities are associated. Revisiting these people, places, things and activities triggers these experiences because of the association in memory. So, we keep pursuing these people, places, things and activities in our pursuit for peace. 
But what we forget is that although the experience of peace gets triggered by these stimuli, our mind is capable of creating peace even in the absence of such stimuli. We have all heard of the famous legend in Ramayana, where Shri Hanuman reclaimed his powers when he was reminded of them. This legend has a very deep seated learning in it. As a soul, I possess the absolute innate power to be at peace independent of my circumstances. However, the curse of time has made us oblivious of our own powers. Today, if I remind myself of my identity that I am a peaceful soul and stabilize myself in that awareness, I can reclaim my power to be ever peaceful. This is not to say that we should not be with people or cherish places and things but its just to say that we do not make our peace dependent on it. Rather than trying to extract peace from them, we become peaceful and them engage with them.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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