Bidding farewell to 2017

Points to Ponder: December 31, 2017

Today is the last day of 2017. Let us take some time out to reflect on the year gone by. Let me look at my inventory. Let me look at the resources I spent and the attainments I achieved in the last year and appraise whether it was a year of profit. Let me also estimate whether I added to my assets or depleted them.  My resources are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, thoughts and feelings, money, my capacity of speech and action, time, and my capacity to form relationships. Every second, I operate with these resources, consume or invest them to create greater peace, happiness and fulfillment for myself, both external and internal. Let me check if I used my thoughts, time , energy and other resources well and multiplied my resources or just  consumed them. Even when I consumed them, did they add to my attainments and made my inner world richer? Did I use them well for personal spiritual gain and also multiply them by using them for serving others? Was the proportionate division of my resources between consumption and investment close to optimum? Let me also identify the areas of leakages and wastage. Let me check the habits in me that are slowing my growth and spiritual development. Let me also think about and devise strategies for reaching higher states of fulfillment the coming year.
Let me also take this opportunity to look at all the situations that looked favourable and made me happy and also look at the all the situations that appeared unfavourable but gave me great learning and power. Let me appreciate how the universe is designed to help me evolve into an increasingly stable, mature and experienced being. Let me today thank all the people and situations that became instruments in this journey towards personal spiritual evolution, sometimes apparently, sometimes subtly, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Let me appreciate my journey towards spiritual maturity. Just like everything in the world comes at a cost, this spiritual maturity is also very hard earned. The art of arriving at peace and happiness despite situations is an art worth mastering. So let me just be full of gratitude for everyone and everything that facilitated this journey this year.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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