I am the creator of my destiny

Points to Ponder: January 2, 2018


Today I would ask you to visualize a scene where you are in a big shopping mall with a wide variety of food, clothes, shoes, jewelry, household appliances etc. etc. Now when you walk into the mall, you like a lot of the stuff that is on display there and wish to purchase most of it. However, when you check your purse, you only buy things that you need and that are also affordable. Now suppose you can afford a certain set of clothing. You purchase that and if you use it well and carefully, maybe, it lasts longer and while it lasts, you can save enough to buy a better one next time.

When applied to a shopping mall, it looks like a very simple and everyday phenomenon. Is there anything unusual about it? Have we not accepted the fact that not everything is affordable right now but can be affordable based on how we use what is affordable today? Now this scene is a great simulation of life. On the day we souls are born or reborn into this world, we bring with ourselves a stock of karma which is our currency to afford the mind, body, relationships and other contexts in which we are born. We do not have a choice over the country and environment in which we are born, the parents we are born to or the physical and mental endowments we have. But do we have absolutely no choice? Today we shall reflect on what are the choices we have. Do I have a choice about the body I have? No. But do I have a choice about whether I bless it or curse it every moment? Yes. Do I have a choice about the parents or boss we have? No. But do I have a choice about our attitude towards them? Yes. In this life we do not have complete free will as we carry the reserve of our past karma. However, there is still choice about the way we use what we have and this is our present karma. Our present karma is responsible for whether we multiply it or squander it and that creates our destiny.

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