Taking off glasses and wearing glasses

Points to Ponder: January 3, 2017

Today let us take up two situations.

1) Imagine that you wake up one day and discover that the whole world is green. The people you meet, the things, birds, water everything is green. It confuses you about how everything has turned green and then, in that state of perplexity, you suddenly realise that while you were sleeping, someone fixed green glasses on your eyes. You take off the classes and voila! all your confusion and problem disappears. This situation, when applied to daily life, makes us infer that half our problems are not actually there. They appear to be there because of our glasses. There are no problems, only situations. It is our perspective that makes it a problem.

2) Yesterday someone told me that they have been prescribed colour therapy and that they need to stay in a room painted with a certain colour and wear dresses of a certain colour and also eat food of the same colour for the healing to happen. And then what they told me further was much more interesting. They said that instead of doing all that they could just wear glasses of that colour and then the therapy would work. I found that quite amusing. I was thinking that actually glasses could be compared to our attitude which  determines our vision. So, instead of changing all the people, environment and situations around me, I could just change my attitude towards them and that is as good as changing everything around.

So, if we summarise the two incidents above, half our problems would be solved by taking off our glasses and half by wearing glasses.


In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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