The call of time

Points to Ponder: January 5, 2017

It is said that if you do the right thing at the wrong time, it is not as good as doing the right thing at the right time. So time is a very big factor in deciding whether what we are doing is productive or unproductive. For example, if you sleep at night, it is considered as the right thing to do but if you sleep during the day, it is not the same. So sleeping is good or bad according to the time in which we do so. Just like the physical clock which traces time, there is also a body clock.  Eating too late, consuming too much caffeine or neglecting regular exercises disturb the body clock. It is good to perform actions that are in consonance with these clocks. Similarly, there is also the clock of the universe.

In the universe, there is a time to relish and cherish, then a time to fall, followed by a time to seek, a time for knowledge, a time for religions, a time for science, a time of peacelessness and chaos and now is the time to realise. The time we are in right now is a time to take responsibility for our universe. This is the time to realise that the world is a product of our collective consciousness. It is the time to accept responsibility for my own inner world, the world of my thoughts and feelings and also realise that the world out there is a creation of my consciousness, attitude, vision and actions. It is time to move from the “outside in” approach where I held everything outside accountable for my feelings to a place of awareness where I understand that my world with in creates the world outside. This is the auspicious time to realise that as God’s children, we are responsible for the transformation of this present world of chaos to a world of order and harmony. We will discuss more on this tomorrow.


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