Its time….to meditate

Points to Ponder: January 6, 2018

Yesterday we discussed the relevance of karma in relation to time. The current time is the most difficult yet the most auspicious in the time cycle in which humanity operates. It is the most difficult in the sense that externally, this is the time of the most extreme negativity and chaos. Positivity and stability are the need of the hour. Even a few hundred years ago, the mind, body ,relationships, economic and political situations were quite stable. For example, some years ago, when you married, you married for a lifetime. But it is no longer true today. The fabric of the body, relationships and other external factors is really falling apart and a  lot of our time and energy actually gets used up in keeping our context together. The reason being that we ourselves are not powerful enough to keep together all that is mine. Just like the kingdom falls apart when the king is weak, similarly, the soul’s kingdom i.e the body, relationships and situations is disintegrating because the soul is out of power.
However, the good news is that this time is also the most auspicious of the times that humanity has seen. This is the time when God is here. We have been calling out to God since many years. So this is the time when God is here and He tells us that He created a beautiful world for us and and it is because of the factor of time that we souls forget how powerful and pure we are and start thinking of ourselves as mere mortals. It is because of the factor of time that we forget our spiritual identity i.e we are pure beings and start identifying with the lust and anger and ego that creeps in as we forget our original identity. This world is a cycle of day and night, yin and yang. Just like when the sun sets, darkness creeps in, similarly after a period of time of spiritual might and glory, there is time to fall and the onset of the dark traits of ego, attachment, greed etc. This is a cycle of rise and fall and now is the time to rise. God is available to us along with all His knowledge, virtues and powers and is calling out to us to replenish ourselves through the practice of meditation. Now is the time to meditate.

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