From comparison to admiration

Points to Ponder: January 8, 2017

It is a common habit to compare one with another and also label something as better or worse in comparison to the other. But the truth is nobody is good or bad. They are just who they are. It is our comparison with our idea of them that makes them good or bad. Anybody who fits into our idea of them is good and anybody who doesn’t is bad. Every soul is unique and full of beauty unique to itself. But when we pit them against our expectations of them, they appear good or bad. For example, the soul who is playing the role of my spouse possesses unique qualities but I look at that soul only from the filter of my expectations of a spouse and hence they appear imperfect to us because they might not be completely fulfilling our expectations. Every soul possesses a unique set of virtues. For example, if my spouse has the virtue of helpfulness, then I like them when he/she is helpful to me but do not like them equally when they are always helpful to everyone. Suppose somebody has the quality of being poised, then I like them when I observe them from a distance but when they come into the role of a friend with me, I may not like it equally because I expect them to be more conversant and open.
Now let us look at the whole creation. Let us look at the plant kingdom. Lets take for example, papaya, mango, brinjal, spinach, grapes and ginger. Can we compare them? If I ask you to rate them according to your preference , you probably can. However, the same rating would not apply to everyone. This is because each plant is unique and possesses benefits that are unique to it. Similarly, as humans, we are all unique. We are blessed with unique virtues, powers and personalities. Comparison attempts at creating uniformity.  Every second, we are trying to either make the other person like me or become like the other person. However, instead of attempting so, it would be great if we could start admiring the uniqueness in myself and also in the other. How great would it be, if, instead of attempting to make the other like me or become like the other, I could just admire my uniqueness and attempt to become the best version of myself. If we all became our best, then the world , which is a variety play would become the best. Tomorrow, we would discuss what it means to be the best version of myself.

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