Am I the best of what I could be?

Points to Ponder: January 9, 2018

Today we will attempt at arriving at a formula to become the best version of myself. I am the best of  God’s creation. I am endowed with the best of whatever the universe has to offer. I have the best body, best mind, best speech, time, money and resources to use, energy to spend and also the capacity to form relationships. I have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, true from false. Among all the creation in the universe, I am perhaps the most graced. It is perhaps because of this that it is said ” God creates man in His own image”. God is perfect. I am also the most perfect of His creations.

I, however, commit some small mistakes. I do not believe in myself. I do not believe in how gifted and blessed I am. I have the most perfect machine called the body to work with, but instead of using it to create happiness and well being for myself and others through good karma, I use it to experience temporary sensual pleasures. In my forgetfulness that I am a being of bliss, I get addicted to sensual pleasures and waste all my energy hopping from one fleeting sensory indulgence to the other. I waste the precious gift of time and the enormous opportunity it brings with itself. It is said that you should remember God with every passing breath. So every second is an opportunity to remember God and become like Him. It is famously said that you become like the one you remember. But we waste our time and thoughts brooding over the past, future and the other over which we have absolutely no control. I have the power to soothe the most battered hearts with my sweet words but how often do I use the power of my intention and speech to bring solace to the wounded hearts? How often do I use the power of my conscience to know and realise God while He is the only one who make me realise who I am. I, instead waste my intellect evaluating, people, places and things all the while knowing that I have no sway over them. How wonderful it would be, if I could just learn the art of properly using what I have and multiply it and create a me that is the best of what I could be.

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