A Life with God

Points to Ponder: January 11, 2018

We all want God in our lives but do we want to have a life with God? We want God to come into our lives and cheer us up, help us, bring us out of difficulties whenever He is called out to. But do we wish to spend our life with God? In conventional belief system, God is an abstract entity whose job is to pull us out of our troubles. In moments of distress, when we call out to God and the outcome we expected doesn’t seem to be coming, we even rebuke Him for not doing His job properly and threaten Him that we would stop believing in Him. It is sometimes very amusing to see how man thinks that God is really concerned about whether humans treat Him in high esteem and to preserve His dignity in the eyes of us humans He needs to be constantly on His toes addressing one human grievance after the other. It is really incredible how we humans today proudly proclaim that we are theist or atheists or agnostics as if God’s existence depended on whether we believed in Him. 
What we, however forget is that acknowledging God or dismissing him is not our prerogative. It is in the interest of man to be in the quest for God, find Him, know Him, realise Him and build a relationship with Him. God can fill the blank space in our being. It is our duty to invoke Him to fill the void in our very being.
What we get is a product of what we give. What we give is a product of who we are. Since we, as beings are imperfect and incomplete in the present time, what we do and what we get resultantly is imperfect. Being in a relationship with God fills the soul with the peace, purity, love, bliss and power that make it complete and whole. And a complete soul performs actions that are true and elevated. A complete soul is not driven by ego and the intention to take but with love and the intention to give. It is only such karma that can create a blissful world. We will explore more on this tomorrow.

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