We get what we give

Points to Ponder: January 13, 2018

Relationships are our most valuable possession. They give us love, sustenance, a sense of belonging and security. We always want to belong to someone and want someone to belong to us. Feeling loved is a very prized feeling. However, recent statistics reveal that one of the most common reasons for stress and depression today is relationships. In this age of social networking where reaching out and connecting to people has become easier that ever, it is shocking that man feels a void of good relationships that nurture and sustain. We will try to understand why it is so? For this we need to understand what exactly a relationship is? A relationship  is an energy exchange. Thoughts, words and actions are expressions of spiritual energy. Who I am is reflected in how and what I think, how and what I speak and the manner and quality of my actions. My intention, feelings and vibrations drive my thoughts words and actions. 
Today when my inner world is replete with lust, ego, anger, expectations, greed, jealousy and criticism, every thought, word and action is infused with this energy. These feelings of ego and expectations are also socially justified by the power equations that are prescribed in relationships by society. For example, it is considered that children should respect parents and parents should demand respect and also considered that a boss can be rightfully indignant to an employee and an employee should not take it to heart. But the problem is we only earn and invite what we give. So no social custom can ensure that when we give anger and criticism, we get back love. Our actions may be socially correct but when pitted against the universal spiritual laws which state that you get what you give, we need to reevaluate our actions. It is said that the intention is more important than the action. Let me check my feelings and intentions while I create thoughts, speak or do for people around. Let me try to develop trust, respect and love for the people around me. When my vibrations change from that of ego and greed to that of trust, respect and love, we earn the same back. Let me shed the body conscious awareness based on roles and connect with the soul within. Let me talk to the other with love and respect and shift the current exchange of energy to one that makes this world a world family.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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