Spiritual fraternal relationship

Points to Ponder: January 16, 2018

Today let me ask you to visualise a situation where you, along with four of your siblings are asked to take up five different characters in a play. In that play, one of you is the police Officer, another the criminal, the third one is the victim, the fourth is the spouse of the victim and the fifth is the judge in the court. Can you visualise such a play? In that play, we will all act and deliver dialogues according to our roles. In order that our parts look real and convincing, we will also emote the characters in a way that they appear real. But just reflect for a second whether you will experience ego or anger or jealousy or disappointment in relation to the other while playing your role on the stage? Even if the person playing the police officer is beating up the criminal, it will be without ego and anger on the part of both the persons playing the two characters. And as soon as their part is over, they would immediately go back to being siblings. This is because all the while they are on the stage, they are in the consciousness or awareness that this is just a temporary role based identity in which they are engaging with each other while the real identity is that they are siblings. So, the natural streams of love, care, mutual respect and trust in the hearts are intact even while they might be playing roles that involve power structure and other emotional complexities. Such is the power of consciousness. A high consciousness can enable us to transcend our physical realities and experience emotions which are pure and elevated.

This is why it is recommended that while engaging with people and situations, one should make an effort to stay in the consciousness that I am a soul engaging with my brother souls who appear in different roles, positions, professions. Although our real spiritual fraternal relationship remains camouflaged by our gender, social, religious, national and professional identities, it is worthwhile to make an effort to recall this fact again and again that we are brother souls enacting our roles on this stage. This consciousness will enable us to rekindle pure love for fellow brothers on our hearts. Love and acceptance of each other will enable us to develop love and acceptance for our own self. It may sound like a paradox but actually acceptance of what is, is the necessary prerequisite to change it for the better because what you resist only persists longer.

One thought on “Spiritual fraternal relationship

  1. True. We all share a common spiritual identity. But people often forget this identity and take their “on-stage role” as their true identity. We need to always remind ourselves that we are not just a body. We are brother souls having predefined unique roles in this eternal world drama.

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