Points to Ponder: January 22, 2018

Today we shall understand how to pay off our karmic debts. Karmic debts manifest as unfavourable situations, disharmonious relationships and illness (physical, mental and emotional). All these three put together can be called situations. Whenever we are faced with a situation, we respond to it with our state of mind. If our state of mind is low, the situation appears to be big and insurmountable. However, if our state of mind is good and uplifted, the situation appears to be small and insignificant. Up until today, we were trying to deal with a situation by working on the situation. For example, when faced with a physical illness, we usually resist the illness and try to get rid of the illness as soon as possible by taking the quickest course to get rid of it.

However, it is usually seen that whenever there is an illness, there is a time period which is involved in its complete healing and during that time, the adverse effect of the illness spills over to my state of mind, my behaviour and consequently to my work and relationships. Hence, the damage accruing to the illness does not remain limited to the physical damage with respect to the body but spills over to a lot of other facets of life. However, if I have previously invested my time, energy and efforts in developing a peaceful, patient and tolerant attitude to situations and through meditation raised my quotient of inner peace and resilience, this spiritual wealth enables me to face the situation of physical illness with patience and peace thereby limiting its damage just to the body.

Patience is not just waiting for a favourable outcome, because that we anyways do in the face of no other choice but patience is actually keeping a positive attitude while waiting for a favourable outcome. The attitude of patience and perseverance is the result of constant meditative practice and conscious positive thinking. It is worthwhile to invest our time, energy and thought in developing such an attitude as such effort pays off in the form of accumulated spiritual strength to face unfavourable situations.

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