Natural laws and man made laws

Points to Ponder: January 24, 2018

All human misery is caused by the gap between what I should do and what I do. This gap exists primarily because of two reasons:

1) Incomplete knowledge about what is the ideal way of doing things.

2) Insufficient strength to do what we know should be ideally done.

So inadequate knowledge and insufficient power are what limit our actions from being ideal. Today we shall explore some facets of this knowledge deficit. I am a soul living in a body. A human being is made up of two parts- the humus and the being. So I am the humus plus the being. The body is made up of the five elements of nature. The laws of physics, chemistry and biology govern the body. The soul is made up of seven innate qualities. The soul is governed by the laws of spirituality. Then, we live in a society and the society is governed by social and legal rules. However, these laws are man made laws. The laws of science and the laws of spirituality are not man made. For example, if I break a traffic rule, then I may escape if no one is watching. But if I go against the laws of my body or the laws of spirituality, there is no escape. It is, therefore, the duty of a human being to make an attempt to educate himself about the laws of science and spirituality. In our education system, there is a provision to understand the laws of science, however, no such provision exists for understanding the laws of spirituality in our system. Also, here I would like to differentiate between morality and spirituality. Morality is age old human prescription of right and wrong based on human understanding of the spiritual laws. It may or may not coincide with spirituality. Spiritual laws are ingrained in the operation of the universe. They are not prescribed by man, nor are they imposed by force by any moral authority.
To be continued tomorrow

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