The Laws of Spirituality

Points to Ponder: January 25, 2018

Today we will continue our discussion on natural laws and man made laws. Unlike man made laws, natural laws are not created by man. They can only be discovered by man. They can neither be created by man nor tampered by man. The natural laws are ingrained in the functioning of the universe. The universe functions taking cognizance of these laws. For example, the law of gravity existed even before man discovered it.It is not in the interest of the law that man discover it but in the interest of man to know the law so that human actions can be designed taking cognizance of the law for better results. The knowledge of science enables us to factor in these laws into our day to day actions and make our actions fruitful. Similarly, the knowledge of spirituality enables us to understand and factor in some such spiritual laws which anyways exist and are pronounced to us by God himself.

God is called the ocean of knowledge because He knows. He knows that which man doesn’t know. He knows that which deprives man from experiencing absolute peace and happiness. Today let us understand one such law. The law of Karma says that you get as you give. The universe is responding do whatever we are giving out into the universe. Thought is energy. The kind of energy we radiate into the universe by way of our thoughts comes back to us in the form of our life condition. For example, if I am someone who works really hard but while I work my mind is constantly creating thoughts of worry about maybe some condition of my body or the condition of somebody who I am attached to, then along with the work that I do, I radiate this energy of worry into the universe. In exchange for the work done I receive my salary and other benefits but I also receive my life’s predicament because of the energy of worry that I constantly radiate. It is the ignorance of these laws that make man question his state of being today. Man is perplexed about why things are the way they are but actually nothing is happening as an act of randomness. Every effect is caused in accordance with a very precise law. The only thing is we do not know the law and it makes no difference to the operation of the law whether we know it or not know it so we better know it.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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