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Points to Ponder: January 27, 2018

Today we shall understand a very important law which states that whenever we look at the weaknesses or wrongdoings of others, we are creating a negative Karma on our part. God is non judgemental and man is created in the image of God. God is the ocean of knowledge and He is what he is because of what He knows. God knows that each soul is unique. Each soul has a unique combination of virtues and powers and it is the uniqueness of each soul and the consequent variety of souls that makes this whole world play so interesting. We are all different from each other and this is the way we are supposed to be. For someone who possesses this knowledge, there is no scope for comparison or criticism. However, when shrouded by ignorance, we tend to compare others with ourselves and criticize them for who they are. And in doing so we tend to make ourselves feel better through false ego with says ‘you are good because the other one is bad’. We also feel rightfully annoyed at the state of the world or on the conduct of some person.

Anytime we operate under ego or anger, we are only creating negative Karma for ourselves. People are who they are, situations are what they are and the world is what it is but we should train ourselves in such a way so as to only see the specialities and goodness in everything so that we stay in our virtues of love and mutual respect and do not operate under the influence of vices. The law of Karma does not take into account the situation or the triggers under which a Karma is performed. A negative Karma is a negative karma irrespective of what provoked it or the circumstances under which we created it.

For example, if I am dining with someone and I observe them having bad table manners and create scornful thoughts about the other person then although it may seem to me that I am being rightfully scornful, my thoughts are ego based and defy the universal principles of mutual love and complete acceptance. It is said that two wrongs do not make a right and in this case also, my being scornful cannot be justified by the other person having bad table manners. I will always be aware of what is right and wrong but I need to practice developing the skill to consciously see the specialities in the other and not lose my virtue of love and respect. Even when I need to correct the other person, it is my inner consciousness of love and mutual respect that would facilitate the other person’s faith in me and in himself and pave the way for corrective action.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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