The Sin of Taking Sorrow

Points to Ponder: January 28, 2018

Today we shall understand yet another very important law of spirituality which states that just like giving sorrow, taking sorrow is also a sin. We are all aware that one should not think, speak or act in a manner so as to cause sorrow to another one because the universe responds to whatever we give and anybody who gives sorrow gets sorrow in return. However, we are not aware that taking sorrow is also an equal sin. It is conventionally thought that we do not have a choice in taking sorrow if somebody is thinking, speaking or acting in a manner which does not conform to my beliefs of what is the best way to conduct oneself. Hence, we tend to take sorrow in that moment. However, what we need to understand is that the person is free to behave according to his personality and it is my choice whether to be hurt or distressed by their gestures, words or behaviour.

When somebody offers a stale fruit to us, we apply our sensibility and do not accept the stale fruit as we understand that it is not good for our health. We cannot stop that person from offering or even insisting on our accepting what he has to offer but we need to apply our full muscle to abstain from accepting something that is not good for our health. Similarly, when we understand that accepting somebody’s gestures, words or behaviour into our mind can cause sorrow, it is in my best interest to apply my spiritual muscle and emerge the spiritual powers of tolerance and accommodation to conserve our emotional and spiritual health. Just like when the car is on for a bumpy ride, we need to have shock absorbers in place because it is impossible to even out the road. Similarly it is impossible to bring everybody to tailor there conduct according to what suits us but it is important to have emotional shock absorbers in place so that we remain unaffected by those actions. We will talk about how to develop the spiritual powers in another write up but today what we exploring is that taking sorrow is a sin. A sin depletes our spiritual energy and robs us of our ability to create further good Karma. Same is the effect  of the act of taking sorrow because it drains our spiritual energy of peace, love and power and in a sorrowful state we tend to create negative thoughts of doubt, hopelessness and anger.

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