We attract as we are

Points to Ponder: January 29, 2018

Today we shall understand yet another important law of spirituality- The Law of attraction. Thanks to the New thought philosophy, most of us are already aware of the law of attraction which is defined as the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. However, we will try to explore some other aspects of the law. For this, let me ask you certain questions. How much of conscious thinking do you engage in in an average day. The human mind is roughly creating 25-30 thoughts every minute. Are you aware of your thoughts? First of all, the awareness or mindfulness quotient of people in general is quite low. In such a state, it may sometimes appear that we are consciously creating thoughts for a desired experience for some time during the day may be everyday. However, we may be creating exactly the opposite thought during the rest of the day and we might not even be aware.

A little introspection would reveal that our inner world actually works like a magnet. We attract as we are. Our inner world is made up of our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and memories. When this whole set is positive, we invite positive experiences into our lives. We constantly create thoughts, often unconsciously and our thoughts are triggered by our sense perception as well as our emotions, attitudes and memories. If we harbour traumatic memories of bad relationships, hurtful incidents or sudden illnesses which caused a great deal of discomfort and as a result live our life under the residual weight of such memories, then sub consciously, we are always attracting the same into our lives. It is recommended that one should take a lot of interest and effort to cleanse one’s heart and mind of all the unwanted memories and emotions that are unpleasant. Meditation is a very powerful tool to invite the light and mind of God into the innermost recesses of our inner world and cleanse it of all darkness. It is by becoming light and radiating light that we attract the light of positivity.

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