Spiritual Relationships

Points to Ponder: January 30, 2018

Today we will understand yet another very important law of spirituality which states that material relationships put us into bondage while spiritual relationships liberate us. To understand this let us start with definitions. Spiritual relationships are based on respect while material relationships are egotistical. We, the souls operate with our own body, mind, money, other souls and time every moment. We can either have a spiritual or material relationship with these entities. While engaging with these entities, I may consider their innate value or if I have a hedonistic approach to life, I may just look at them as resources for my gratification.

Let us take for example our relationship with other fellow humans. It is observed that a human being is sometimes looked at as a physical object for one’s physical gratification, sometimes as an object for fulfilling one’s household or work needs or sometimes as an object to fulfill our emotional needs. While engaging with spiritual beings, we are often in complete oblivion of their spiritual identity. As such, the respect that a soul deserves by virtue of his identity of being a peaceful and pure entity is discounted. A soul is a conscient entity and a child of God. Every child of God deserves to be respected for his existential value not for his use value. A materialist approach adopted by one individual discourages the other individual from having spiritual self worth. People today are not respected for who they are but for what they have and what they do.There is a general feeling today that individuals too have a price which is equal to the  summation the the prices of all that we have added to the market value of all that we do. Material consciousness is a product of ego and also adds to the egotistical quotient of this world. We, through our materialistic thought, words, attitudes, vision and action are adding to the world’s materialistic quotient every moment. Our actions are in defiance of the universal principles of equality and mutual respect and every time we adopt a materialistic approach to people, we are adding to the negative, body conscious energy of the world thus putting ourselves into bondage. We will continue this tomorrow.

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