Survive vs. Serve

Points to Ponder: February 1, 2018

Today we shall understand a very important law of spirituality which states that an attitude of survival makes you a servant wheres an attitude of service makes you a master. The idea of survival dominates human behavior today. We are all trying to survive. Survival is a very self centered approach. It is based on the feeling of me vs all. It is based on the foundation that either they can have it or me. It encourages the instinct of competition and comparison. It is like there is one cake and if you partake of it, my share is reduced. Now let us understand how the universe responds to such an attitude. The universe grants you that which you wish for all. The universe cannot differentiate between your wish for yourself and that for others. If I wish well for someone, I create that energy first within myself and thereafter it radiates to the other. We attract as we are. So if I wish well for all, I am an embodiment of good wishes and the best flows back to me and vice versa.
Now let us examine the attitude of being a server. A server adopts the attitude of being a conduit between God and everyone and everything else. I offer myself to God. I offer my body, mind, wealth, talents, specialties, words, acquisition and ask God to use them for the benefit of all. I meditate to radiate. I live to give. I earn to share. When I become such a conduit, God uses me to create abundance, both spiritual and material for all. In the process, who is the first one to receive the abundance? Absolutely myself. Every time I give, I first receive. So my fortune is multiplied by as many times as I serve. So, the one who gives becomes richer and the one who desires to have it all becomes a pauper. It is often thought that the one who is rich gives, but the fact is the one who gives becomes rich.

One thought on “Survive vs. Serve

  1. Do I Survive or serve?:

    You have presented the knowledge in a wonderful angle didi.. Hats off.
    ” Survival of the fittest”- One wrong belief had lead to holocaust.


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