What you pursue evades you, what you deserve comes to you…

Points to Ponder: February 2, 2018

What you pursue evades you, what you deserve comes to you. This is the law we would explore today. We will look at the path of pursuit of desires as well as the path of becoming worthy of attainments. Pursuit aims at the attainment. The whole journey of pursuit is aimed at the realization of the pursuit. During the journey, the focus is on the external attainment. It takes away our focus from our inner world. Our external reality is nothing but a projection of our mindspace. Once we stop paying attention to the inner world, it becomes chaotic. Our inner world is like a garden. If you take care of it, beautiful flowers grow in that garden and if it is left unattended, weeds and wild plants fill it. So when all our focus is on the outer attainment, our inner world is neglected and the disorder therein prevents our desire from materializing. For example, if I am pursuing a coveted professional position, then all my attention is on that and in the process, every person or situation that appears as an obstacle between me and my dream invites a mental if not verbal reaction of anger, criticism or jealousy. My mind is constantly full of fear of the possibility of not making it. A negative mindset can never give positive results. And hence what we pursue usually evades us.

On the other hand, if I just pay attention to become worthy of things, I attract them. If I pay attention to equip my mind with peace and love, my words with sweetness and my actions with honest effort, goodness and abundance flows to me. I attract what I merit. Seeking does not ensure accomplishment, becoming worthy of what you seek ensures that it seeks you back.

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