Spiritual Power

Points to Ponder: February 4, 2018

We have been discussing the laws of spirituality and every law primarily sends a message that we need to watch out on the energy that we radiate by way of thoughts, words and deeds because whatever goes around comes around. Even after having understood the law very well and even after having tried to practice being constantly peaceful, respectful, accepting and loveful, we have sometimes experienced that we do not have enough power to maintain constant good wishes and good feelings towards our own body, people and situations. However hard we try to revert this vicious cycle of energy exchange, we often feeling that the cycle only perpetuates. Hence, even when the problem of lack of true knowledge is sorted out, the lack of being spiritually powerful still remains. Spiritual power can be defined as the ability to maintain constant inner stability and incessant flow of the qualities of peace and love even in the face of great adversities.

The fact is that we have been operating with anger, greed, sorrow, attachment and ego for quite a long time ranging over lifetimes. These vices are now part of our spiritual fabric in the form of almost chronic spiritual  ailments.

We have experienced in case of physical ailments that certain diseases can be taken care of by the natural immune system of the body but for certain diseases, however much you try individually, there is a point where we realise that we need external help from the doctor who knows better, who is interested in your well being and who doesn’t give up on you even when you give up on yourself. In the process of our spiritual healing also there are certain times when we are able to take care of our spiritual and consequent emotional health on our own  but at other times it is very good to seek help from the supreme surgeon. God has been upheld as Baidyanath, the supreme surgeon in Hindu religion. God is the one who is the ocean of peace, love and unconditional acceptance. It is by making contact with that Supreme energy and drawing his virtues and powers  into us through meditation that we can increase our spiritual stamina. We have often noticed that we tend to absorb qualities of the one we think about. For example, if I constantly think about someone’s weakness, it starts becoming a part of my personality.  Taking some time out preferably early in the morning, meditating on the qualities of God, emerging Him in my mind as a point source of ever flowing peace and unconditional love and situating myself as a point of light before Him, absorbing that energy flowing from Him fills my heart with such elevated vibrations that I am able to maintain a flow of good Karma,i.e positive thoughts, words and deeds during the day.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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