Spiritual Pilgrimage

Points to Ponder: February 5, 2018

Let us explore the idea of a pilgrimage. A place with high intensity pure vibrations usually considered as God’s abode is chosen as the destination for pilgrimage. The pilgrim sets off for the pilgrimage with the prescribed attire and sufficient will power. He carries enough food or ensures its availability during the pilgrimage. It is very important to be medically fit enough to undertake the journey. Also pilgrims travel in groups so that they can come to each others’ rescue if required. A pilgrimage is often considered to be a difficult journey which should be undertaken with precautions and under guidance. The pilgrim undertakes the pilgrimage in the remembrance of the Almighty. It is believed that the pilgrim is absolved of all his sins due to the constant remembrance of the Almighty which empowers him and facilitates his journey and also by bearing the hardships he faces along the pilgrimage. However, these days both these factors are not true any longer. People take short cuts to pilgrimages and also constant and sincere remembrance is not practiced. These days man has converted even pilgrimages into holiday destinations.

Today we shall understand a different kind of pilgrimage. The spiritual pilgrimage. In this, it is not the body who undertakes the pilgrimage but the soul. The world that we live in is in a high entropy state today where disorder and chaos prevail. Our destination of pilgrimage is the world beyond, the world of light. That world is God’s abode. It is the world of peace and purity. It is a silent world where incessant waves of purity abound. Known in various religions as Nirvana, shantidham, muktidham, parlok, brahmalok or paramdham, it is the home of souls and the Father of souls. It is the sweet silence home from where we souls come. This world has been referred to as a stage and this is the stage where we souls enact our physical roles whereas that is the home of souls where we live with God, our parent. That world is a thoughtless world where there is complete stillness and purity. It is place where the Ocean of peace, purity, love, bliss and power Himself resides. It is very similar to our sky but it is golden red in colour and we souls live in that world just like stars in the sky. This is the destination of our spiritual pilgrimage. Tomorrow we will understand how to fly to our sweet home.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Pilgrimage

  1. didi, Is incorporeal stage is an different awareness or can only be experienced in a place? please explain.
    For example, I am in Muscat and my parents are in India. While I remember them in my thoughts, I can create picture in my mind as if I am with them and having lunch with them. Then I am said to be in India as my energy traveled till there.

    On the other hand, the incorporeal stage is the stage of complete bliss and thoughtless stage (as described in the murlis) Can it be said when one is in that stage his energy reaches paramdham though baba says, “except me no one can take you back to our sweet home”?

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    1. Om Shanti ji…. to shift your awareness, you need to unplug it from where it is anchored right now and plug it into a different dimension. When you are in Muscat, and you parents are in India, you need to take your mind to India to feel their presence in Muscat. Similarly, you shift your awareness to the soul world to feel the soul world here.

      Also why Baba says only I can take you to paramdham is because it is said ” the more you know, the further u can go” .God is the knower of the three worlds. He gives us the knowledge which enables us to remember paramdham. When we remember paramdham and our original form of a shining star in paramdham, we again come back to our original state and only then can we go back. So only the one who comes from Paramdham and remembers it can take you to paramdham as everyone else has forgotten that sweet home.


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