The flight of the soul

Points to Ponder: February 6, 2018

Today we shall understand how to fly to the soul world, the world of light that we identified as our destination of pilgrimage yesterday. In this journey, the soul is the pilgrim and the vehicle it uses to fly is the mind. The mind is the subtle organ of the soul that when detached from the body, can travel to the world beyond. Just like the fuel used for cars is different from the fuel used for flights, the mind needs to be fueled with a different set of thoughts in order to fly beyond.

To begin the journey, we choose a time when there is minimum traffic of thoughts in the atmosphere. Ideally, the early morning time between 4 to 5 am is the time of minimum thought traffic. This is because most people, including those who are awake until late as well as those who wake up early are asleep and as such their minds are withdrawn from conscious thinking. This is also the time when our own mind is in its best state because immediately when we wake up, it is our sub conscious mind that is more active. The conscious mind which is more into ego based thinking is still not fully active. I find a comfortable place and allow my body to be still. Now I fill the engine of my mind with the double refined fuel of spiritual truths. I consciously become aware that I am the point of light sitting in the forehead of this body. I am subtle and light. I am a shining star made of light. This world is a stage and my home is the world of light beyond. I slowly shift my awareness to the soul world and position my mind in the center of that world of purity. The purity and peace of that world start soaking into me and I absorb those vibrations of peace and purity. I keep my consciousness anchored there until I fill myself sufficiently. Now I slowly return to my physical costume. As I re position myself in the center of the forehead, those vibrations start radiating to my body and through my eyes, to my surroundings.
In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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