You are not your opinion

Points to Ponder: February 7, 2018

You are not your opinion. When I say, “My Opinion”, it clearly means I am different from my opinion. I am not my opinion. I have an opinion. I am the pure soul having this opinion. When I offer my opinion for someone to express their opinion on that, I am offering just my opinion. I am not offering myself at their disposal. Anyone rejecting my opinion is not rejecting me. Anyone scoffing at my opinion is not scoffing at me. No one has the power to reject me, insult me, scoff at me. I am not vulnerable. I am firmly anchored in awareness. They may be at vast variance with my opinion and that is fine. Even while not agreeing with my opinion, they can agree with me. A difference of opinion should not have the power to create a distance between hearts.

But it is often observed that we are not able to maintain good relationships with those who do not conform to our ideas. They may even be our children. One feels insulted and rejected when the other does not conform to his idea. In such cases one should bear in mind that a relationship is of great value. A relationship is the energy exchange between one pure being and the other. A relationship nurtures the heart. A relationship should not be sacrificed at the altar of a small difference in opinion. While I engage with other souls, I should maintain the awareness that I am a pure being. The other is welcome to his opinion. My ego often gets triggered by people’s behaviors and I move away from my own consciousness of being a pure blissful soul capable of only having good wishes and pure feelings for the other. I, the soul should always remain aware of my original identity of being blissful and radiating blessings to the other come what may. I should take care not to allow the clouds of ego shroud my awareness. When such clouds appear, I should reinstate the sun of awareness and take care to not change my pure feelings into an otherwise energy exchange.

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