God’s Companion

Points to Ponder: February 8, 2018

God is the ocean of purity, peace, love, power and bliss. God is never in sorrow. God is ever pure, ever peaceful and ever blissful. He is constantly vibrating at that frequency. A companion is an ideal match. Someone who matches your wavelength. Companions have a common purpose. Companionship is about being with the other in such a way that our effectiveness together is more than the sum of each of our individual capacities. Am I a companion of God? Do I make an effort to align myself with the being and the purpose of God? It is such a privilege that we are living in an age where God Himself is looking out for those of His children who can share His responsibility of World transformation by transforming themselves. If I am a pure conduit, I can channelise God’s purity through my mind, words and actions and become His companion in His work of dispelling the darkness of this world.

Would you like to earn the fortune of being God’s Companion? Do you have to leave your work, home and family for that? No. All you have to do is while continuing to do what you are doing right now, just incorporate peace and contentment into that. By reminding yourself that you are a peaceful soul, the child of the Ocean of peace, you will be able to do that. The next thing is to beware of Maya. Maya is the devil. The devil has many forms. It applies tricks to upset you from your state of peace and contentment. Sometimes it will trigger your attachment, sometimes your greed, sometimes fear or ego. Just beware. Remember that my peace and contentment are priceless. Everything else is a situation out there. I have to deal with the situation while maintaining my peace and contentment. Just this simple effort can bless you with the abundance of spiritual wealth that God’s companion is entitled to.

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