A Sacred Heart

Points to Ponder: February 9, 2018

The one I remember, remembers me in the same way. If I think of you in a loving way, I have the capacity to sow the seeds of love for me in your heart. If my love is pure and selfless, it cannot not be requited by the same feelings. Similarly, if my love is selfish, you will find out, and your feelings for me will be selfish too. If I have the capacity to purify my feelings for you, I have the power to make you change your feelings for me. The challenge lies in being able to create and nurture selfless, regardful and loving feelings for the other. When I look at you as the dear child of God, I do not dare to think ill of you for I know I might earn the displeasure of God by not loving His child.

It doesn’t matter if you facilitate my life or not, it doesn’t matter if my sense of right and wrong is at variance with yours, it doesn’t matter if my way of perceiving and doing things is different from yours, you still have a right to be and be respected. You still are God’s loved child and even if you do something for which God doesn’t love you, it is between you and Him. I do not have the right to judge on His behalf. I am only responsible for my state of mind. I am responsible for my attitude and feelings and if that is in accordance with God’s dictates then I am doing well. It is the command of God that I love my fellow humans. I abide by what He says and He takes care of the rest. So when I remember you, I remember Him first. I remember that you are his loved child and His love colours my feelings for you. When I engage with people in this indirect manner by first engaging with God, my relationships start being filled with pure feelings. As I send out pure feelings to the other, I earn them too and my world abounds in good relationships.

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