Self Honour

Points to Ponder: February 11, 2018

I am a soul in self honour. I honour the fact that I am a being of peace and purity. In the wee hours of the day, at the break of dawn, before I start to enact my part on this world stage, I firmly seat myself on this seat of self honour. I remind myself that I am a divine soul whose nature is to give and not to seek. I revise that it is in my power to remain calm and stable during any storms that I might encounter during the day. The activities of my day are mere branches of the firm roots of my inner state of peace and calm. Whatever I do just stems from my serene state of being. I am a blissful being and my state of bliss is reflected in each of my thoughts, words and actions.

As I move through the day, storms come and test my peace. I know they would come. It is said forewarned is forearmed. So I prepare well in advance to welcome them. I make sure I am not caught off guard. I consciously take off moments during the day to rewater my roots. I take out moments to go within and nurture the soul with the awareness that I am peaceful, I am powerful. I make sure that my sense organs follow my command. That my eyes see only specialities, that I ears listen to only the good. It is the task of a good master to train his servants well. I am the master of this body and my sense organs I train well. They do not deceive me.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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