The third eye of wisdom

Points to Ponder: February 12, 2018
We see the world with our two eyes. These eyes are trained to see the body, the gender of the body, the height, weight, skin colour, religion, occupation, designation, qualification, attire of the body. Our eyes are also trained to see the car that the body arrives in, the size and location of the house in which the body lives. These eyes are also trained to see the faults of the other person. The weaknesses of the person that we saw in our last interaction with the person also resurface when we see them again. They colour our attitude and perception in the current moment. The rule says ” wherever attention goes, energy flows and that thing grows”. As we pay attention to the weaknesses of the person or look at the person with an attitude of disregard based on what our eyes see, we shift the other soul from a position of comfort and self respect to being uncomfortable. Our ego(vision based on these two eyes) makes the other person more conscious of his physical, social, professional and other identities. If he is already not proud of who he is right now, we push them to even deeper depths of inferiority complex.
It is said, our vision creates the reality and yes, we ourselves and also others slowly become as we perceive. God is the bestower of the third eye. The third eye is the eye of wisdom, the eye of awareness. God makes us aware of our own spiritual identity and also the spiritual identity of others. He tells us that we are the soul behind the body. That each one is a pure soul. The present context may vary in accordance with our journey but essentially and originally, we are all pure. We need to train ourselves to see through the third eye. While seeing the current context, see the purity behind and as we pay attention, let it grow.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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