Spiritual Love

Points to Ponder: February 13, 2018

We all love. But the basis of our love is often not spiritual. I love the other because of the relationship I share with him/her by virtue of my body or by virtue of my acquaintance based on having a common workplace or because of his physical appearance or some special talent that the soul possesses. In short, our love has a reason. Anything that has a reason also has a season. It is not everlasting because this is a world of constant change. When the reason changes or ends, the feeling of love too changes. Also, the love that we extend is not unconditional and free from expectations. We extend the feeling of love but we also expect the other person to give the same in return. Expectations may or may not be met. In the face of unrequited love, there is disappointment and the further exchange of love is obstructed. Even when it is requited, it makes us dependent on each other. I seek the other to sustain myself. I am lost in his absence.
Spiritual love is based on the awareness that we are all children of God and brother souls to each other. God is the Ocean of love and I, the child of the Ocean of love am full of love. I am so full of His love that the love flows to the other. I do not give, it is in such abundance that it flows. It does not matter whether the other returns it or not. I am not seeking. I am already connected to the source. I take from Him and it flows to the other. It is not adulterated by expectations. It nourishes the other. I also introduce the other to the source. He also starts connecting to the Ocean Himself. Such love does not make the other a beggar. I makes him a giver too.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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