Points to Ponder: February 14, 2018

We all want to be loved. We seek love. We try to find it in people. The soul is empty. We are trying to find the one who can fill us. But the problem is each one is empty. Each one is seeking to receive. No one is capable of giving. Although they may be trying their best and we may be trying our best to complete the other, but none of us is sufficiently stocked. It is like two empty batteries trying to recharge each other.  In trying to extract our need from the other, we often end up making the other person very very conscious that he/she is inadequate. We send out a message that you are not good enough. And then their own emptiness combined with the heaviness of our expectations is too much for them to handle. They either feel suffocated or they  do the same with the other in order to fill themselves.This can at best be described as a failed attempt at love.
Love is a power. The power to love is not the prerogative of the empty soul. Love is unconditional acceptance of the other. Only the one who is full is capable of love for He can give without seeking. That one who is full is only one. Everyone else is less than full although we are not all equally empty. Only God is capable of loving us. And He is loving us. It is time that we understand the predicament in which humans are. It is time we understand that the problem with the other is not that they do not love us, the problem is that they we are all running on empty. The problem is that our capacity to love is lost. It is time we turn our attention from humans and direct it to the Ocean of love. That we sit in the awareness of being His beloved and receive the love that He is radiating to us. When we fill the apron of our heart in such a manner, we will also be able to share that love with others and make lovelorn hearts feel loved.

One thought on “Love

  1. Totally agreed with your lines… “Love is unconditional acceptance of the other”
    Love is acceptance of wholeness… Just simple thing one needs to understand that once s/he lets the ego go, the doors are open for love… without love person is just an ego, an individual entity… that makes him empty…

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