Points to Ponder: February 17, 2018

Karma is the act of the soul. I, the soul have a mind. I, the soul have a body too. I act through the mind and through the body. My thoughts and feelings are acts of the mind. My words and actions are acts of the body. However, all actions are my karma. When I, the soul am under the influence of anger, greed, ego, criticism, comparison, lust, attachment, doubt, worry, I create thoughts that are negative in quality, speak negative words and perform negative actions. The intention is more important than the action. The action might appear neutral or even positive. However, if the intention, feelings and emotions behind the act is that of anger, greed, ego, criticism, comparison, lust, attachment, worry or doubt, those thoughts, words or acts create a negative karmic account for me. A negative karmic account manifests as an unfavourable situation or a state of bad mental and physical health or bitter relationships.

Let us take an example. I have a habit of worrying. I constantly worry about the state of health of my ailing parent. This creates stress inside me and as a result my physical health suffers because I develop a high blood pressure. Also, I do not come across as a happy and carefree person and am not able to sufficiently nurture the relationships around me. And finally, as the law says, wherever attention goes, energy flows and the thing grows, constant attention on the state of parents’ bad health only makes it worse.

In Spiritual Service
Brahma Kumaris

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