Self Awareness

Points to Ponder: February 19, 2018

I, the soul have the power to create thoughts and feelings. I have a mind. It is “my mind”. It follows my directions. I am pure and peaceful. Purity and peace are the original qualities of the soul. When I am in self awareness, i.e the awareness that I am a pure and peaceful being, my mind is under my control. When my mind is under my control, it is in peace and creates thoughts full of good wishes and pure feelings for one and all. However, many a times, I am not self aware. I am more under the sway of my acquired traits of ego, anger, attachment, greed etc. When these facets of my personality dominate, my mind creates thoughts that are not so peaceful and pure. It is then that I experience a state of discontent.

We all seek peace. We wish to have a peaceful state of mind. Such a state is the offshoot of self awareness. I have to remind myself in silence that my core, my inner space is full of peace. That I am originally peaceful. The fact that I seek peace proves that it is an original part of me that is now lost. Dwelling on this core for sufficiently long periods of time through the practice of meditation strengthens it. Meditation is taking my mind to my pure self and paying attention to it.The more I pay attention to my peaceful inner core, it gains power. As it gains power, my control over my mind is restored and feelings of peace emerge.


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