Agree to Disagree

Points to Ponder: February 20, 2018

We coexist. One cannot live in isolation. A life of isolation is considered to be the biggest misfortune. This is why the most heinous of crimes are punished with solitary confinement. However, while we are with each other, we become increasingly aware of our differences. The truth is each one of us is a unique soul similar in our original form and very different from each other in our present state. While it is a fact that each one of us is a point of consciousness whose basic nature is peace and purity, we have all traveled through time. This journey through time has scarred the soul. Each of us today is a product of our journey. The longer the journey, the more tired I am. In this journey, I have kept on accumulating several beliefs, habits, experiences and have stored them in me. As a result, we come across as unique personalities today. While operating with each other, our differences surface starkly. It has become a practice with us to denounce any trait in the other that is not there in me. Our definitions of good and bad, right and wrong are very clear. The one who is like me is good, right and the one who is different is bad, wrong.

Life is about experiencing happiness, joy, bliss whatever you wish to call it. Rejecting the other because he is different, comparing the other to oneself and criticizing their ways when they are different from mine takes away my happiness. My happiness is priceless. Why don’t I value it? Why don’t I just agree to disagree with the other and conserve my happiness? After all variety is the spice of life. All this while, I kept holding on to the differences while my happiness slipped away. Today onwards, let me hold on to my happiness and let the differences fade away.

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