Points to Ponder: February 21, 2018

We have all heard that expectation is the root cause of all sorrow. Still most of us find it very difficult to move from expectation to acceptance. And yes this is indeed a difficult shift. But the real question is not whether being expectation free is easy or difficult. The real question is whether it is beneficial. Let us ask ourselves a simple question. Does expectation improve a situation or influence the outcome in a positive way? Does expecting a certain outcome increase its probability of occurrence? For example, if you are cooking with the expectation that the family will shower praises after having the food, does it make it more probable that they would? What if you are just cooking with love? Does that lessen the probability of their appreciating the food? A close examination would reveal that expectation does not improve the possibility of the expected outcome.

Now let us examine whether it decreases the probability? Yes it does. Because expectation is accompanied by fear. While expecting them to praise the food, I create several thoughts of ifs and buts like what if they don’t like the food… but I have tried hard… etc. etc. Expectation infuses our action with fear. This energy of fear affects the outcome negatively. Expectation costs us. It is a disadvantageous habit. Although it is a fact that habits die hard, sufficient and objective deliberation of the ill effects of a habit enables us to muster the will or courage to do away with it. Any karma has a definite consequence. The plea that I am a victim of my habit does not save me from the effect of my karma.

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